Every single person that trains with us begins a fitness journey. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients transform and achieve the results they want. Hearing how we have helped people reach their health and fitness goals is paramount to what we do and drives us to go the extra mile to support everyone reach the level they aspire to be at. If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer in Didsbury, contact us today.

Here’s what our clients have to say…

Tommy HarnellNovember 2019

Increased Muscle Mass

My fitness goal was to put on muscle mass and I had been trying for some time to do this on my own. I would work hard but would never seem to get anywhere. After training with Jory, my body started to change shape fairly soon and my muscle mass began to increase. It was clear that what I thought was the correct way was not necessarily the best way to proceed. Jory was able to teach me the perfect form to adopt and rep ranges to build muscle along with great nutritional advice to help me develop. What really helped was the enjoyment factor. My PT sessions were something that I would look forward to each week. Jory will find that extra rep or set in you when you feel you have nothing left to give and I’m sure that this motivation was key to helping me succeed. Training with Jory is one of the best decisions that I ever made.

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Nicola McGeeOctober 2019

Wedding Ready

Earlier this year I decided to start PT sessions to get in the best possible shape for my wedding.

Jory was the obvious choice as I’ve always found his classes physically demanding but incredibly fun and high energy.

Before starting the sessions, Jory ensured he knew what my ultimate goals were both physically and mentally and that we had regular progress checks which kept me laser focused throughout.

Jory has the ability to make training extremely motivating but personalised and his energy and passion are infectious. Big thanks to him for pushing me out of my comfort zone and giving me a new found love for training!

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Rebecca MurphyAugust 2019

In the Best Shape of My Life

I’ve always been into fitness but found it difficult to stick at anything consistently. At the age of 35, I was feeling fed up with how my body was looking. Then came Jory! Your goals are his passion and he wants results! He figured out what motivated me and what didn’t and kicked me back into shape. He’s pushed me beyond what I could have ever imagined. My fitness levels are the best they’ve ever been. I’ve got my booty back (and then some) and I’ve got abs for the first time since I was 20! I am more confident in myself and what this body is capable of. Jory’s approach to PT recognises how a person’s mindset will negatively effect their training and their results and he finds really lovely ways of helping you to overcome that. He really is the best PT I have ever met and I can’t recommend him enough.

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Karen RandallAugust 2019

No More Excuses!

A busy professional, I always found an excuse not to go to the gym – worked late, too tired, no motivation.

Since training with Jory, the gym has become part of my daily routine and I have a better work/life balance. I enjoy every PT session and regularly attend Jory’s classes. I feel fitter, more motivated, and am seeing results. Jory’s motivation and drive is infectious. He really wants his clients to achieve (and exceed) their goals.

I’ve been training with Jory for over 6 months and don’t intend to stop any time soon.

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Sam GreenwellJune 2019

Fitter & Stronger

Myself and my wife have trained with Jory for around 2 years now. As regular gym goers we find it so good to have someone that can really push us in every session. Even when we aren’t in the mood for the gym, somehow Jory’s programming and positive mental attitude gets us in the zone and working hard every time.

Our strength and cardio ability has increased immensely since training with Jory and he has really taken our training to a whole new level.

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Karen O’HareJune 2019

Highlight of My Week

NLPT has really helped me achieve my goals. The workouts are fun and varied and has allowed me to build my confidence in the gym. I feel way more motivated since starting the training sessions and look forward to them weekly!

I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Naomi BuckleyJune 2019

Love for Lifting

I suffered with feeling anxious and not confident in the gym but enjoyed it and wanted to get fit. I came to Jory for personal training because he tailors his approach to what the client needs. My aims of growing confidence in the gym, learning more about fitness and becoming fitter were all met and exceeded. I now go to CrossFit, discovered a love for lifting and made a whole new circle of friends at the gym. Jory’s tailored training and motivational attitude mean i’m still enjoying this change in lifestyle three years on.

Clare ChapmanJune 2019

3 Years of Levelling Up

Almost three years training with Jory has been amazing and a turning point in life.

I’ve lost weight, toned up and realised there is no ‘can’t’. I look forward to every session and despite being pushed, sometimes to the limit, I see nothing but great results.

Having a trainer who is passionate about what they do and help you reach your goals is true motivation.

Vicki ConroySeptember 2018

Fabulous & Fit at Forty

3 months ago I set myself a challenge to be fit and toned at 40. After 10 sessions I have lost altogether 19lbs and 14.5 inches. The biggest thanks goes to Jory who has put up with my moaning and endless questions but mainly for pushing me out of my comfort zone and to my limit and beyond.

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Helen KneenApril 2017

Strong, Fit & Motivated

I trained with Jory for four months and during this time I found him very positive and encouraging, even for the 7am starts in the morning! He really listened to me and tailored my training to the areas I wanted to focus on. Each session was very varied, never the same and he also stretched and moved me forward with each workout. There was lots of core work as well as rowing, cycling and using various weights. I felt a lot stronger following his workouts, as well as much more motivated to improve my fitness levels.

Lucy CurtisSeptember 2016

Results-Driven Encouragement

I would highly recommend you visit Jory. I have been to train with him twice a week for the last few months and I have seen massive results.

He always motivates and encourages me even when I think I can’t do it!