This is a 12 week HOME MUSCLE hypertrophy program for regular gym users wanting to build muscle. By combining our 6 training phases with the right nutritional support, you’ll feel and see the difference. This plan includes a wide range of workouts to keep you consistent.

Location: Home

Number of workouts: 65

Equipment needed: Dumbbells (essential). Bench/foam roller (non-essential).

Frequency: To see real results we recommend a minimum of 5 workouts per week

Duration: Workouts typically take 30-60 minutes to complete (depending on your fitness level)

Suitability: Regular gym users with a good understanding of full body exercises

Subscription: 12 weeks (£50.00 every 4 weeks)

For more information on our Home Workout Plans click here, or feel free to contact us. Click here to meet the trainer behind the workout plans – Jory Chambers – Personal Trainer Didsbury.

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