Keeping you fit during Covid-19

We have adapted our training plans to help our clients keep on top of their fitness during this challenging time. Exercise and routine has never been more important for your health and mindset. With gyms currently closed, we have launched a series of home-based workouts and live HIIT classes. We are also running our PT sessions via Zoom.

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay focused.

New for June!

Join our FIT IN SIX 6 week Bootcamp starting 1st June. Click here to get involved.

Online home workout plans from £29.99*

Imagine if you could emerge after isolation as a new version of yourself! Our home-based online training plans are easy to follow and will keep you on track. From bodyweight workouts, to workouts with dumbbells or booty bands, we have something to suit everyone. We can also design a custom workout for you based on your goals and the equipment you have available at home.

*Each plan lasts for 12 weeks. Price indicated is per 4 weeks.

How does the home workout plan work?

When you purchase a plan, you will be given free access to Trainerize – an easy to use mobile training app. You will receive an email with account setup instructions and a short questionnaire to complete. Once set up, your online training plan will be uploaded to your profile. Each 12 week programme includes links to videos so you can see how to perform each exercise safely and correctly – helping you reach your goals without injuring yourself.

The online training programmes typically take between 30-60 mins to complete each day, depending on the type of plan and your level of fitness. To see real results, we recommend 3-5 workouts per week.

Online PT from £40/hour

Our clients are loving their personal training sessions via Zoom! It’s amazing how much you can do at home, with very little equipment and some imagination. Some of our clients have purchased equipment such as a pair of dumbbells and a mat but if you don’t have any equipment, that’s fine. As with normal PT sessions at the gym, we will adapt your training programme to suit you and the equipment available.

“I really enjoyed my first online PT session with Jory via Zoom. He adapted my training around the equipment I had in the house and gave clear instructions to ensure I was doing all the exercises correctly. He kept me motivated and pushed me hard, as always!”

Karen Randall

“It’s been so nice to maintain my PT regime with Jory whilst in lockdown. He’s revised my plan and workout programme to make the most of the space and equipment from home. Unlike online workout videos, Jory is there at the other end keeping me motivated, pushing me as hard as ever and keeping the sessions varied.”

Nicola McGee

Join us LIVE from your living room

Many of our clients have said how much they’re missing routine now the gym’s have closed. So we have launched three HIIT workouts LIVE across Instagram:
– MONDAY 07:30
– FRIDAY 10:00 (PUMP)

If you’re not on Instagram, we are also streaming the workouts on Zoom – Please contact us to request the link.

Follow us on Instagram for regular updates and to get involved with our LIVE workouts. The classes are FREE to attend and a great opportunity to see our trainers in action! Bring your A game…

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.