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The ultimate bootcamp

This six week bootcamp has been designed to get you the BEST results from being consistent and disciplined. Get fit, lose weight and tone up in just 6 weeks!

FIT IN SIX will get you into a routine that works for you in just SIX WEEKS. Whether you want to get fitter, stronger, lose some weight or tone up, this bootcamp provides all the tools you’ll need to achieve your goals. You will have access to the NLPT app for your online training plan; receive a meal plan to keep your nutrition on track; take part in live training sessions and join the team for a weekly check-in to keep you accountable.

Since we started the first FI6, we’ve been blown away with the community and togetherness on Facebook and in the online classes. This really helps to keep you motivated and on track.

If this sounds like what you need, sign up today and get ready to take your fitness to the next level!

Excellent Value



6 weeks of live online training sessions including HIIT, STRENGTH, CORE and more.


Meal plans (including vegan and vegetarian options) and personal macro calculations.


Training plans and video demonstrations to follow on an easy to use mobile training app.


Weekly check-ins to keep you accountable.


Access to private FI6 Facebook Group.


kettlebell home workout


Access 6 weeks of online training plans via an easy to use mobile training app with video demonstrations to show you how to correctly perform each exercise. You will also be encouraged to attend LIVE classes on Zoom so we can train together, motivate each other and correct technique.

Nutritional support

Meal plans* containing lots of healthy and tasty recipes to choose from and a list of foods to avoid. You will also be given your personal macros which are calculated based on your body, fitness levels, and goals.

*Vegan and vegetarian meal plans available.

supportive community

You will be added to the FIT IN SIX private Facebook Group so you can link up with other people taking part in the bootcamp, ask questions, support each other and get competitive! You will also be invited to a weekly check-in every Sunday to keep you accountable, ask questions and see how everyone else is getting on.


Real people.

Real Results.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

What I’ll say is if you are serious about changing, Fit in Six will do it. It’s hard work and you’ve got to be committed, but it’s effective. What’s more Jory is a great motivator and PT who not only coaches everyone through it, but also builds a great sense of team spirit. Through sharing the experience with the other people doing it, it is encouraging, inclusive and inspiring. Learning is a big part of it and I’m now looking forward to implementing the changes I’ve made these past six weeks into my ‘normal’ routines. I really feel great. (Yes, I’m stronger, faster, lighter). Do it. 100% recommend!

Luca Conte

This is a great programme. FIT IN SIX has helped me to understand nutrition and given me a great structure to my exercise regime that I can take forward. The online group exercise has been challenging but also fun! Together with the individual plan it has really helped me to get fitter and leaner. Jory is a great trainer; motivating and honest he builds up a great team spirit and connection across the whole group.

Highly recommend you sign up to improve your mindset to nutrition and exercise and get results that stay with you.

Leonie Harter

FIT IN 6 is so much more than a training plan. It’s a completely holistic program focusing on nutrition, exercise and developing a positive mindset to achieve your goals. Having the weekly points targets is great for keeping you focussed and being part of the Facebook community and Zoom classes means you’re not on your own!
Jory is a great motivator and his positivity really rubs off onto you. I have lost body fat, gained lean muscle and more importantly developed healthy routines and the mindset to keep going.
Do it, you won’t regret it!

Louisa Briston

invest in your health


FIT IN SIX Bootcamp

(11 customer reviews)


This is a 6 WEEK BOOTCAMP programme designed to get you into a healthy routine, fit and strong.

Location: Home

Equipment needed: Dumbbells (or equivalent)*

Subscription: 6 weeks (£99.00 one-off payment)

*2L bottles of water


Your chosen meal plan will be sent via email once payment has been processed. A series of emails will follow shortly afterwards with full details of the FIT IN SIX programme and what you need to help you get started.

Award-winning Personal Trainer in Didsbury.


Jory Chambers
T: 07734 432205
E: jory@nl-pt.co.uk

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