First of all, I’d like to congratulate ALL of my FIT IN SIX Soldiers who have signed up and completed the 6 week bootcamp!! Everyone’s smashed it and the results speak for themselves.

Leading by example, I got involved in the first FIT IN SIX Bootcamp and loved it! Here are my Top 3 take homes from the 6 week experience!

  1. The accountability to the community – What we’ve created in FIT IN SIX is a great community of people all going for their goals, all behind each other and being accountable by checking in every Sunday. Whether people had had a good week or a bad week, we were all there to support each other and for me, that togetherness was excellent.
  2. The macronutrient realisation – I actually eat pretty well but where I thought I was getting enough protein, I wasn’t getting in anywhere near the protein I needed! So that realisation of what I should be eating on a daily basis based on my own goals. I’ve been doing a lot more HIIT sessions and a lot more weight training as well so I need more protein to build the muscle. That was a massive realisation for me.
  3. Organisation – I’m so busy planning my client’s diaries, I don’t always plan mine well. To actually have workouts in my diary telling me day-by-day what I needed to do was excellent. Massive plus for me and really enjoyed it.

NOTE: IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT WEIGHTLOSS. I only lost two KGs but got exactly the result I wanted – to burn excess fat and maintain muscle. I feel fitter than I have felt in years and aim to keep this physique, building on strength and muscle.

My aim is to help more and more people get fitter and stronger but most importantly, get into a routine and a healthy lifestyle they can maintain themselves. If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, click here for more information and to book your place on the next FIT IN SIX 6 week Bootcamp.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TODAY! Next Bootcamp starts on 3rd August. Limited spaces available.