Emma found herself going to the gym on day’s off, doing some cardio and minimal light weight training but seeing no change in her body. Emma decided to follow the NLPT Online Booty Plan and has achieved amazing results in just 12 weeks!

Not only had this girl been super consistent with her training but has really pushed herself during the workouts. Just goes to show you can get results all year round as Emma started just before Christmas and has smashed it.

Emma followed the training plan perfectly and the results speak for themselves. Well done Em, now it’s time to step up to the next level!


“As a busy shift worker I often found myself going to the gym on days off, doing some cardio and minimal light weight training and seeing no change in my body! Following the online Booty Plan on Jory’s app gave me the motivation to go to the gym and focus on certain areas within one session. It was also easy to gain confidence and try new workouts as the videos give you a simple step by step guide on what to do. I feel fitter and more confident and could finally see the results for myself. Jory’s passion for exercise and his enthusiasm towards motivating his clients is what makes you see results. He has pushed my out of my comfort zone and has made me enjoy exercise! I highly recommend his plans.” Emma Donaghy

Meet the trainer – Jory Chambers – by visiting our Personal Trainer Didsbury web page.

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