1 To 1 Training

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Training sessions designed around you and your goals – whether you’re looking to get fitter, lose weight, tone up, put on lean muscle or increase strength.

Each and every one of our clients has a different goal and we are focused on designing programmes that are challenging but enjoyable to help them achieve their goals.

1 to 1 personal training sessions are run from Project4 Fitness in Didsbury, Manchester but there is also the option to have your PT sessions online via Zoom if you have some equipment at home.

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Take your fitness to the next level with personal training sessions designed around you and your personal goals.


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Client Testimonials

I’ve always been into fitness but found it difficult to stick at anything consistently. At the age of 35, I was feeling fed up with how my body was looking. Then came Jory! Your goals are his passion and he wants results! He figured out what motivated me and what didn’t and kicked me back into shape. He’s pushed me beyond what I could have ever imagined. My fitness levels are the best they’ve ever been. I’ve got my booty back (and then some) and I’ve got abs for the first time since I was 20! I am more confident in myself and what this body is capable of. Jory’s approach to PT recognises how a person’s mindset will negatively effect their training and their results and he finds really lovely ways of helping you to overcome that. He really is the best PT I have ever met and I can’t recommend him enough.

Rebecca Murphy

A busy professional, I always found an excuse not to go to the gym – worked late, too tired, no motivation.

Since training with Jory, the gym has become part of my daily routine and I have a better work/life balance. I enjoy every PT session and regularly attend Jory’s classes. I feel fitter, more motivated, and am seeing results. Jory’s motivation and drive is infectious. He really wants his clients to achieve (and exceed) their goals.

I’ve been training with Jory for over 18 months now and don’t intend to stop any time soon. The classes Jory has introduced during lockdown have been a lifesaver – not just physically but also to maintain a positive mindset. I would highly recommend Jory and his classes – they’re tough but worth it.

Karen Randall

Almost three years training with Jory has been amazing and a turning point in life.

I’ve lost weight, toned up and realised there is no ‘can’t’. I look forward to every session and despite being pushed, sometimes to the limit, I see nothing but great results.

Having a trainer who is passionate about what they do and help you reach your goals is true motivation.

During lockdown I also took the FIT IN SIX challenge. My approach to diet and exercise has completely changed and I lost 20lbs in 6 weeks. The live classes are a great boost to an already well structured plan and training with other people online gives you a real lift.


Clare Chapman


Take your fitness to the next level and enquire about personal training.

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